Get Free Advice & Discover Funding to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Get Free Advice & Discover Funding to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

From solar panels to free insulation, we guide families across the UK to help reduce your bills for less, amidst the energy crisis.

Tackling your bills requires investment in your home. but you don’t have to go it alone.

With multiple funding pots available across the UK, ranging from fully funded solar, heat pumps and insulation under the ECO4 scheme, to affordable ways to buy yourself under help to buy, we can guide you on the best ways to keep your energy bills down and drive your home’s value up.

Explore Funding Options

Government Backed Funding

The current round of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) provides funding for homeowners and private tenants, in non-gas homes, who receive benefits to install solar and heat pumps 100% free. We can help you to access funding in minutes.

Local Council Funding

If you don’t receive benefits, there could still be funding available for you, under the Local Authority Flex scheme. Funding eligibility varies throughout every council in the UK, but if you live in a non-gas home, you could still qualify for tens of thousands of pounds of funding.

Help to Buy Funding

As there aren’t free renewables for everyone, we make it our priority to deliver leading alternative funding solutions, to make going green and reducing bills accessible to everyone. Our Help to Buy funding advice covers solar, batteries, boilers and more.

Not sure what you’re eligible for?

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Why Take Our advice?

Our specialist team is set up to provide free and easy to understand advice for families across the UK. We’ve already helped deliver funding to thousands of homes and now we’re ready to help you!

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Trusted energy Advice (TEA) is all about making going green as easy as making a cuppa

Having been in the energy and home improvement industry for decades, our founding team know how complex this sector can be. It often leaves many people paying too much for energy or missing out on funding. We want to make things fair and ensure you don’t miss out on what you deserve.

The hottest 2022 Home Energy Tech


With electricity so expensive, it makes sense to generate your own.

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, you can avoid buying more power from your energy provider by generating your own electricity on your roof with solar panels.


Heat your home with a clean and efficient source of warmth.

Air Source Heat Pumps are a relatively new technology to the UK, but one that’s rapidly taking hold, with funding available through both ECO4 nationwide, and with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme in England and Wales.

Helping to love our home a little more.

We’ve only got one home planet earth. We think it’s important to protect it. That’s why all of our advice is focussed on ultra-efficient or renewable technologies, so together we can cut carbon emissions and show our planet some love.